Hair Removal

Guaranteed results with no pain

Laser hair removal is one of the most sought after non-invasive aesthetic treatments for women and men alike. Our treatments are effective, fast, comfortable and what’s more important guarantee permanent results. Our medical grade lasers are safe to be used on any skin type and any part of the body.

Smooth skin year round

We offer great clinical results with our LightSheer Desire laser. Empowered by high speed vacuum assisted by integrated contact cooling technology, offers a unique pain reduction mechanism and works without gel. Designed to treat larger body areas, quickly and comfortably and small areas with maximum precision. LightSheer Desire laser removes hair, calms, soothes and protects your skin.

We are all unique and so are our needs

Laser hair removal treatment cannot be performed when you have active infection or inflammations. Book your complimentary consultation with our expert therapist.

Pre-treatment preparation

Shave the treatment area the night before your appointment.
Don’t tweeze, plug, thread, bleach, use electrolysis within 4 weeks period prior and throughout the entire treatment period.

No Wax
Do not wax in the 4 weeks leading up to your appointment.  The laser to identify the hair and for the treatment to be effective pigment is required in the hair follicle. 

Avoid direct sunlight
Avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight, don’t sunbathe or use sunbeds for 4 weeks prior. Avoid self-tanning products within 2 weeks period prior to your treatment.

Do not apply
Refrain from using any or applying gels, oils, deodorants or perfumes to the area for 12 hours prior to treatment

No need for pain relief
Please do not take any Nurofen or Ibuprofen on the day of your treatment.

Feel the confidence with medical grade technology

Effective & painless

All skin and hair types, all body areas. No downtime. 

Safe to use

Treatments doesn’t disrupt or damage the skin’s surface.

Permanent results

Enjoy the freedom of being ready at a moment’s notice.

Visible savings

No more razor cuts, time consuming plucking and painful waxing.

Enhancing your natural beauty

Laser Treatments

Consultation and patch test    £0
Bikini Hollywood                         £100
Bikini Brazilian                             £100
Bikini line                                          £70
Underarm                                          £60
Arms                                                   £100
Lip & chin                                          £60
Chin                                                     £50
Neck/Nevel line                             £45
Back and Chest                             £230
Back or Chest                                £120
Full leg                                            £170
Half leg                                           £120
Half leg and bikini                     £190
Half leg and underarms          £150
Half leg/bikini/underarm       £230
Full leg+bikini extended+underarms              £250
Face                                                     £80

Gifting beauty

Treat the recipient to a slice of ‘Me time’ in the form of a pampering treatment. Whether it’s a blissful facial, laser treatment or a bouncy blow dry we have treatments to serve even the pickiest of people on your list.

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